Exhumed announces new album will be a lot darker

Posted by on April 5, 2017

Saturday (1), was April Fools and while a few had fun suggesting alternative facts or #fakenews, a few were serious. On the same day, the death metal outfit Exhumed announced a return to the studio to record their next album.  

The band revealed the following:

“We entered the studio April 1st with our buddy Jarrett Pritchard (Gruesome, Goatwhore) to start the process and no, this is not an elaborate April Fool’s joke…All Guts, No Glory was more of a straight-up speeding attack, Necrocracy had a bit more focus on groove and incorporating some mid-paced stuff in there, and this one is gonna be a lot darker. It’s a concept album, which is a first for us, so expect some new twists on our tried-and-true formula: one part late 80s Death Metal, half a cup of German / Canadian / Bay Area Thrash, a dash of Grindcore, Crossover, and Crust and the occasional, well-concealed, Hall and Oates rip-off.”

Additionally, Exhumed provided a few photos on their Facebook to prove that this new darker concept is no joke and a new album is in the works.


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