Doro to release new album in August

Posted by on January 17, 2018

Doro has been keeping herself busy since 2012’s Raise Your Fist. The metal queen embarked on a handful of tours, released the live album Strong and Proud along with the single Love’s Gone to Hell back in 2016. However, she did make time to promise her fans that a new record is in the works and, the time has finally arrived.

Doro has announced her latest solo effort will be released on August 3rd. The German singer has a lot of expectations for this forthcoming album including a song dedicated to Lemmy, a traditional German track similar to “Für Immer,” and there will be a lot of diversity.

Here’s what Doro has to say:

“The writing process of the album is done and we’re currently finalising the mixing. This new record is going to be a diverse album with many fast songs and countless metal anthems. To be honest, one of these songs could become the next ‘All We Are’!”

She added:

“The first song that I’ve written for the new album is a song dedicated to Lemmy. It’s called ‘Living Life To The Fullest’!”


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