Dave Mustaine already thinkiing new Megadeth album

Posted by on February 27, 2017

It wasn’t too long ago when we heard about Megadeth’s plan to tour twice this year in North America and Dave Mustaine hinting at a new album. 2016 was probably Megadeth’s most successful year, and it only took them 34 years, 12 Grammy nominations, and fifteen studio albums to get there. Dystopia brought an extensive amount of success for the group including their first Grammy win. It seems this positive energy has them ready to write down tracks for a sixteenth album.

Reflecting on the band’s Grammy win with Billboard, he said that they’d started thinking about a new album, which would probably come next year:

“I’m pretty afraid of picking up my guitar during the off season, so I try to keep my distance from it,” he says. “It starts to call my name when it gets close to new record time, and the past couple weeks, I’ve actually been playing a little bit, so it’s kind of like ‘ok, here we go.’”

And less than two weeks later,  in an interview via Loudwire, Mustaine says the band is actually already writing new music, and  he’s working with guitarist Kiko Loureiro:

“I think the end of … What we’re looking at, we’re trying to start the songwriting process this year while we’re out on the road, which will be good for us to start putting pen to paper and writing stuff. Kiko and I have actually been talking a lot about it the last couple weeks, sending files back and forth and so on and so forth, which is exciting for me because that’s what makes me tick is writing music. When I see new files coming back and forth through my email it’s like, “Yes.” It’s like Christmas.”

It seems that Mustaine doesn’t spend too much time away from writing new music. However, with the latest addition of Dirk Verbeuren on drums and seeing Loureiro’s co-writing skills on Dystopia, we can only expect album sixteen will be a head crusher.

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