Nails frontman isn’t down with Record Store Day

Posted by on April 18, 2016

record-store-day-logoFrom casual music fans to die-hard collectors, Record Store Day is an excellent opportunity to pick up limited edition vinyl and collectible CDs. It also gets people into independent record stores to pick up said product, which is a win-win for everybody, right? Wrong. It actually winds up hurting a lot of artists, because there are only so many places in America you can get a record pressed, and with RSD taking up so much time and work on the existing plants, it’s pushed back many artists’ release dates of their non-RSD albums. While not the first to speak out about it, Nails frontman Todd Jones told Team Rock that not only is he not a fan, he hates it:

“I don’t fuck with Record Store Day at all, I hate Record Store Day,” Todd tells Metal Hammer over the phone from Orange County, California. “It’s completely fucked over things for regular bands – go ahead and have your multi-coloured vinyl reissues you fucking poseur. The fact is that when [Nails’ 2013 album] Abandon All Life came out before the pressing plants were backed up, we handed our record in to Southern Lord on January 15 and our record was out by March 20. For [upcoming album] You Will Never Be One Of Uswe handed everything in to the record label on January 20 and our record’s not coming out until June 17. Why? Because of fucking Record Store Day, that’s why.”

“All you people out there that love Record Store Day have fun with your stupid multi-colored vinyl, but all your favorite bands’ records are taking six months longer because of all that poseur bullshit. That’s what it comes down to.”

Well, he does have a point, but the inconvenience of pushing back a release is probably offset by all the people that are making it to record stores. It’s an actual event that people get excited for, and it brings business into smaller record stores. That’s probably no consolation to a band that can’t get their record pressed because of the Clueless soundtrack reissue, to name an example.

[via Metal Injection]


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