Big Brother’s Adam Poch Recaps Survivor 26 – Week 4

Posted by on March 7, 2013

Big Brother 13 2nd runner-up Adam Poch is recapping Survivor Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites for us, focusing on Matt “the Beard” Bischoff – BMX salesman & lead singer of the metal band Moonbow.

When we left Matt & the rest of the Fans, they had just voted off Hope, the 2nd member of the Cool Kids Table alliance. Once again the drama started as soon as they got back to camp. Reynold and Eddie were duped again, thinking they had the votes to get rid of Shamar. So tempers were flaring, voices were raised, even Den Mother Sherri got animated.

Lets jump right to the reward challenge. Each tribe had to get 2 members across a series of platforms using planks. Once they reached the third platform, the whole team then swam to a higher platform, where they all had to climb up and get on or above the top. The fans started off well, getting Julia across to the second platform pretty easily – but then when they had to transfer her and Laura, they started to slow down. Laura has proven to be a bit of a liability in these challenges, but eventually they got them all across. The Favorites had already started climbing up the last platform. Shamar got to the top first for the fans, and told everyone to lay on top of him. Granted, the platform was not that big – but this made it difficult for the last couple of members to climb up. Matt was the last one they needed to get up there, but there was no room for him to put his legs, and in the time it took for them to figure out a way, the Favorites got everyone up for the 5 second count & they won the reward. Thinking the Fans won, Shamar screamed out “That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Too bad he was mistaken and the Fans went back to their beach, losers of another challenge. The Favorites won a visit from a local bushman who taught them how to make their food easier, their shelter more secure, and just make their camp better.

Gee, I wonder what happened when the Fans got back to their camp. That’s right, Shamar went and laid down while the rest of the tribe worked around camp. We seemed to get a continuation of the conversation last week, where Shamar was talking about quitting. This time he said they needed to bring him rice once a day for him to continue. Sherri played along as the rest of the tribe started to moan & groan again. In what I call an act of karma, Shamar rubbed his eye, but had some sand in there and scratched it up pretty good. The next morning, he was in a lot of pain, and Jeff Probst and the medical staff come to take a look. After they told him there was some substantial damage, he agreed with them and left the game. Now the fans were down 9-7 in people, and headed to the next immunity challenge.

At the Immunity challenge, the Favorites saw that Shamar is gone. You could kinda see some happiness behind their concerned faces. But it was time to get their game faces on. In this immunity challenge, one by one members had to make it across a series of floating blocks, then swim out to a platform, climb up, jump off, and hit a board hanging over the water, dropping a key. Once they had all five keys, two members needed to unlock three locks on a crate containing sandbags. Using those sandbags, they then had to knock blocks off a wall. The favorites were off to an early lead, but when it was Matt’s turn, he did awesome, getting to the platform and breaking the board and releasing the key into the water on his first shot. But the Favorites continued to lead, and had all five keys before the last fan even went into the water to get their fifth. After Mike returned with the fifth key for the fans, Reynold & Laura started opening the locks. Laura once again was not doing much in the way of helping, and Reynold finally got the last lock off and started throwing. The Favorites only needed to knock a few more off, but Reynold started a huge comeback, getting down to five blocks left, but Phillip finally cleared the wall and the Favorites won again. Three straight Tribal Councils now for the Fans.

As always, the losing tribes camp turned into private conversations everywhere. Remember week one, when Mike & Matt were the swing votes? Well they found themselves back in that position again. Matt suggested they turn on Laura, who has been a hindrance in challenges. They were getting knocked off one by one and the only reason they were close in these challenges is because of Eddie & Reynold. Mike was not sure what to do, but Matt made a great case to vote out Laura. Matt then went to Reynold to let him know his intentions for the night, and rightfully so, Reynold was not sure what to believe. These were the same people who have lied to him before, especially Matt (hey, no one said this was a clean game). Matt finished the conversation telling Reynold if he was worried, to play the hidden immunity idol (which he told everyone about, so it wasn’t really hidden anymore), but promised that his vote will be for Laura. Some last minute waffling by Mike left us unsure of what would happen once they got to tribal.

Jeff welcomed them in and starts off by asking Matt what camp life was like without Shamar. Matt admitted morale was up, but they were at a crossroad trying to decide if they are going to keep the tribe strong, or stay with the loyal group of 5. Laura stated her case by saying a tribe mixup may be coming, and asking if they wanted to keep people they trusted, or people that may turn on them. One by one, they cast their votes, and before the results were read, Reynold, feeling uneasy, played his idol. When the votes were read, Laura was evicted with 4 votes (actually had 5) – and Reynold wasted his idol.

What will this mean to for the fans? Will Matt & Mike now start working with Reynold & Eddie? Will a tribe swap happen? Tune in next week and find out.


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