Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe To Host Monthly Radio Show

Posted by on October 16, 2012

SiriusXM has a channel called “Outlaw Country,” but they’re about to get a host that’s a an actual outlaw in a country (that’d be the Czech Republic). Yes, Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe is doing a monthly show for SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal channel called “The Crucible.” Here’s what Randy had to say about it via his Instagram account:

“The reason I came to NYC was to record the first installment of my radio show for Sirius/XM’s Liquid Metal channel. That’s right, I have my own damn radio show now. My homeboy @JoseMangin (who has done a lot for lamb if god since the start) hit me up & said- “Um, dude, do you want a radio show?” WHY NOT? I have decided to call my show THE CRUCIBLE. Besides being a fantastic play by Arthur Miller (and a container that holds MOLTEN METAL), a crucible is defined as a difficult or trying experience, one that you come out of harder and more refined & more pure.

Sometimes life is like that- you have to step into the fire to burn away all the crap & and just take the pain that comes with it. It hurts, but if you want to be A BETTER PERSON, you face this stuff & forge yourself anew, PURER & HARDER. One thing that has always helped me through these times is MUSIC. So on my show, I’ll be playing songs by bands that have helped shape me into the man that I am today, that have gotten me through the rough shit. I’ll also be playing songs by newer artists I like, & I’ll be telling some stories about what all the tunes mean to me. Then, once every show if I can, I will interview a member of one of the bands I’ll be playing, & I’ll ask them about what their music means to them. Right now (due to scheduling & my uncertain future), the show will be once a month- I want to do it more often eventually, but right now I’m kinda busy & have a situation to settle.

For my first guest, I wanted someone who has seen some hard times himself, who has gone through some brutal stuff & come out a better man. I needed a real-deal, no bullshit, highly respected & moral, yet hard-as nails motherfucker. I immediately thought of one dude. He’s a legend & a good friend of mine, so he came up to do my first show & KICK IT.

John Joseph (AKA Bloodclot), singer of the almighty CRO-MAGS. John is an amazing dude who has lived a life that would crush, break, & destroy most folks- I don’t think a lot people would make it out of a childhood like his alive, much less go on to be a living legend with such a positive message. Just read his autobiography,”The Evolution of a Cro-magnon”, & you will see what I mean. Dude gets MAD RESPECT for a reason- he’s as real as it gets, & no one to fuck with AT ALL, but also is one of the nicest most humble & generous men I have ever met. Big hearted dude, & I’m proud to call him a friend! So thanks Bloodclot & @JoseMangin for helping me bring THE CRUCIBLE to life! I’ll be announcing the air dates soon- I wanna get nutty with this show, & use it kinda like this instagram- share some art & tell some stories behind it- here it’s photos, on the show it will be tunes. We blasted some Cro-mags for the interview potion if the show & I talked about what the tunes meant to me, then asked John about what they meant to HIM. When you make music, if it’s ANY GOOD, the listener takes it & makes it their own. I’ve done that with Cro-mags & countless other bands- for me, it’s cool to talk to the faces behind the songs- I’m a fan of music first, & a band guy second. Watch out for my show!

It’ll be interesting to hear this show. Not only is Randy an intelligent and well-spoken dude, it seems like he’s being given the freedom to talk to people that influenced him, which should lead to some insightful conversations. Plus, if he’s given the leeway to play music that he likes, it might lead to some new music on the channel that’s currently being overlooked by the staff there now.


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