Video premiere: Screaming Beast are feeling “Despair”

Posted by on February 16, 2018

Manchester, UK metal band Screaming Beast have released two EPs since forming in 2013, and will finally be releasing their debut album, Our New Narrative Of Hate, on March 23rd. Today, we’re psyched to bring you the album’s first single and video, “Despair.” And it turns out some things are universal, as the song is about politics. As vocalist Anton War says:

Despair – Is my tirade on the way the voting system is eternally fixed! How we are surrounded by political choices that all equate to the same thing; A slightly different way to govern the poor and powerless and ensure that they are kept that way.  

The band’s influences are diverse, with At the Gates and Black Label Society cited in their bio, and somehow, it all works. Check the song out below, and follow Screaming Beast on Facebook



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