Track premiere: Tales of the Tomb, “Dr. Death”

Posted by on November 18, 2015

Edmonton death metal band Tales of the Tomb will release their debut EP, Volume One: Morpras, on November 27th. The three-song release is described as “serial killer-themed Canadian death metal,” and sure enough, the track we’re premiering is titled “Dr. Death.” No, the song isn’t about Dr. Kevorkian, but Harold Shipman, a British doctor that was found guilty of 15 murders. What’s Shipman think of the song? We’ll never find out, as he hung himself in prison in 2004, a little after three years from when he was found guilty. As for the song itself, it’s got a European death metal feel to it, and while it’s definitely heavy, it’s centerpiece is a melodic guitar solo. If the rest of the EP, out on November 27th, is anything like the first taste of it, signals Tales of the Tomb as a band we’ll be hearing more from..

Here’s what drummer Jon Thomson says about the EP and songs on it:

“Out of the gates we have just under a year have played over a half dozen shows and recorded our debut 3-song EP entitled Morpras. The name is old English for “secret killing of a person, unlawful killing.” The EP is a compilation of serial killer themed music not celebrating but elaborating on the heinous crimes committed by infamous murderers. It is old school death metal with its blending of melody and groove, gives Morpras its unique sound. The first track ‘Snowtown’ will ease you into this murderous journey with a heavy groove and plenty of vocals. ‘Pig Farmer,’ the 2nd song on the EP is as fast and brutal as the slaying of Robert Pickton; the song is also accompanied with our lyrical video which will be available on Youtube. ‘Dr. Death’ also makes an appearance as the final track, a chilling slower tempo song that depicts the heinous crimes of Harold Shipman.”

Morpras will be released on November 27th. You can preorder it here.


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