Andrew W.K. To Speak At The My Little Pony Convention… No, Seriously

Posted by on June 13, 2012

Because when I think of Andrew W.K., I think of… My Little Pony? Apparently the answer is “yes” to some, since the “Party Hard” singer has just been confirmed to speak at the Canterlot Gardens, a three day convention for the animated show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. What in the world will W.K. be talking about at such a convention, you ask? Well, apparently he’ll be taking part in a panel that is attempting to answer the question “What Would Pinkie Pie Do?”

In case you weren’t aware (and if you do know, then this is the point where you act like you’ve never heard of it), there is actually a growing “Brony” subculture of men in their teens – 40s that are obsessed with My Little Pony. And in case his appearance at the convention didn’t make this clear, W.K. is a big supporter of the “Brony” movement. Funny that I Get Wet is celebrating its 10th anniversary, since if you had told us ten years ago that W.K. would one day be appearing at such a convention, we wouldn’t have believed you.

If you just so happen to be interested in attending the Canterlot Gardens, being held in  Strongsville, Ohio from September 28-30, then you should head over to its website to register now.

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