Any idea who Vlaidislav Surkov is? We didn’t know who he was either, but he’s a top adviser to Vladimir Putin. Why are we writing about him on Metal Insider? Well, apparently, he’s enough of a Five Finger Death Punch fan to have quoted them more than once in a column that ran for the state-run news channel RT. The column quoted Five Finger Death Punch’s “Wash It All Away.” Stating that Western countries are going through a political and social crisis of hypocrisy, Surkov says “The line ‘done with all your hypocrisy’ sounds like a prophecy, a verdict and as the motto of a new era” the Moscow Times quotes Surkov as writing. He quotes the band again, stating that a strong hand will lead the confused crowd from “all of the chaos and all of the lies.” 

So far, there’s been no reaction from the  band, but given that they’re very pro- military, you’d think they’ll have a response sooner than later. 

[via Metal Injection]