Ice-T calls Donald Trump the “ultimate con artist”

Posted by on February 21, 2017

With Body Count having released “No Lives Matter”last Friday, the promo push for Bloodlust (out on 3/31 on Century Media) is on. That means Ice-T is doing interviews, and he doesn’t mind being provocative. If you’ll remember, Body Count’s first album had everyone from police commissioners to President George Bush denouncing “Cop Killer,” which ultimately got pulled from the album. And if you’re expecting Ice to have mellowed with age, especially since he plays a cop on Law And Order: Special Victims Unit, that’s not about to happen. “No Lives Matter” is his take on the “All Lives Matter” reaction to the Black Lives Matter movement. There’s also a song about Trayvon Martin, “Black Hoodie,” which revisits some of the same issues he’s been rapping and yelling about for years. And as the actor tells Playboy, he’s no fan of the current administration: 

I think we all were surprised that Trump won, because dude be lying. He’s a motherfucker. He didn’t never show his taxes. He’s the ultimate con artist. He’s the kind of rich person, when people say they don’t like rich people—that’s what they mean. I know Richard Branson, I know Mark Cuban—billionaires that you can sit up and kick it with. But Trump is an elitist. He’s a demagogue. And yeah, it’s scary, man. He’s got a lot of power. I come from the gang world, you know. You can’t just be talking shit and think the other gangs don’t hear you. You can’t talk the way he talks and think the rest of the world doesn’t see him as their enemy. Once the dude told the world, “I’m smarter than the generals,” I knew we were up shit creek. But I predict his own supporters will turn on him in six to eight months. So let’s just cross our fingers.

Guess he won’t be stopping by the White House any time soon, and you can also add playboy.com to the “fake news” column. You can read the whole interview here.

Body Count’s Bloodlust will be released on Century Media Records on March 31st. It can be preordered here.


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