Review/Photos Night Verses at Brooklyn’s Kingsland on 7/13

Posted by on July 20, 2018

When people initially think about an instrumental act, many tend to gravitate to the assumption that they are a jam band.  However, these instrumental groups have existed for well over 20 years, and one could say, it started with bands such as Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Mono and many more. When done right, there’s something powerful and somewhat more emotive than your average band. The listener can easily get lost in a mood, emotion, or trance as you are transported to their world of musical bliss.

LA progressive rockers Night Verses are no different and their new album From the Gallery of Sleep will send you off to a world between Russian Circles, Brian Eno, and their own innovative expression. It was last fall when the band parted ways with vocalist Douglas Robinson and decided to be a full-time instrumental trio. Changing a sound such as this could potentially be a career killer but, these guys have a history with non-vocal parts and if you listened to the album, you will agree that it works. Luckily, we were able to experience this for ourselves live on Friday, July 13th at the Kingsland in Brooklyn, New York.


Night Verses:


Our objective was simple, to see Night Verses. While other groups performed including Gal, Radiate, Andres, and Strawberry Girls, we were there to solely get lost with the instrumental progressive trio. The evening itself was a mix between Gal, Radiate and the Sublime-esque group Andres, who bravely rocked out a hot-pink bass. However, when Night Verses went on, the lights dimmed to a red-lit setting and the stage was covered in candles, which brought their dream-theme new album to life on stage.

Although guitarist Nick DePirro didn’t reveal too much of his face as he was obviously lost within the music, bassist Reilly Herrera had enough energy for the both of them as his movements swayed along with each beat. As for drummer Aric Improta, he was the music and blew the crowd away. Now, while there weren’t any vocals, the performance remained silent for the most part as there was barely any interaction between the band and the crowd. The group moved into each instrumental melody instead, making the audience forget how much time has passed.

Towards the end of the set, it was Improta who stood on top of his kit as he gave it everything he had, and beyond. Once the final song was over, it took a moment for their fans to realize they completed their set. Watching Night Verses live is a different experience from most shows. To some extent, it didn’t matter what they were performing as their energy and presence is something unique, and we are confident that they will continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.



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