Interview: The End of the Ocean on new album ‘-aire’

Posted by on November 30, 2018

On January 18th, 2019, Ohio post rockers The End Of the Ocean’s new album -aire is scheduled to arrive via Equal Vision Records (pre-order here). Their latest offering is their first set of new music in seven years. We spoke to these rockers on their upcoming LP, overall sound and more.

For those who are unfamiliar, explain The End of the Ocean?

We are a post-rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Our music is basically a rock-and-roll reinterpretation of symphonic music, laced with the trappings of our individual musical influences ranging from heavy metal to dreamy indie pop.

What should fans expect from -aire?

aire is a bit of a departure from our older material. An artist simply cannot bear the weight of the nostalgia fans attach to their previous expressions. At a certain point during our writing process for -aire we accepted this notion, and subsequently let our anger, sadness, and even a little playfulness, seep into the music.

Fans can expect a bit more straightforwardness with parts of the album. There’s certainly a lot more dissonance and crushing low-end. But have no fear, we still lace chiming melodies throughout, similar to our previous albums. Ultimately, it is up to the listener to assign their personal meaning to our music.

Was the writing process different than your prior efforts?

It was much different writing -aire compared to the writing process of our previous works. Alongside personal struggles we were all experiencing individually, we also had to contend with the difficulty of having an out of state band member. Ultimately, we are a band that likes to have our music come together organically. The more we could get ourselves to relax, the easier the music poured out.

What are your overall thoughts on instrumental music vs. vocals?

An expression is an expression is an expression. People connect to music, instrumental or not, because of a biorhythm, a subconscious attachment, or a unique snag in their soul. Though none of us in the band listen strictly to instrumental music, we write and perform this way because of the imagination it requires and the freedom it allows us.

There have been quite an explosion as in post-rock/metal instrumental acts, no pun intended either. However, these bands seem to be split between a mogwai meets Brian Eno to God is an Astronaut vs. a heavier mix such as Caspian, Russian Circles and If These Trees Could Talk. I wanted to hear your thoughts on this.

We don’t pay too much mind to these trends. We are friends with some of the guys in the bands you mentioned. While we admire their craft, we realize that we’re all doing our own thing. There are no limits in this genre and there never should be.

How do you convey a mood, emotion, message through music without lyrics?

There are lots of fun effects pedals to add dynamics to the music. Experimenting with minor notes/chords also seems to add a contemplative dissonance to any song we’re working on. Also, allowing yourself to probe the inner self and draw inspiration from whatever emotional state you might be experiencing deeply affects how the music is written and arranged.

What are your plans for next year?

We are looking forward to releasing our first album in seven years through Equal Vision Records on January 18, 2019 and subsequently going on a headlining winter tour. We want to continue to hit the road and tour around the country/possibly Europe again!

What are some of your favorite post metal albums of 2018?

Uhhhh….I think we’re better suited for talking about our favorite alt-rock or pop albums of 2018…

What is the post rock/metal scene in Ohio like for you guys?

Columbus has a fantastic metal scene. There is no post-rock scene here of which to speak. While our band is made up of oddballs and is an oddball of the general music scene here, we love playing with heavier bands. So, basically our band is in an ideal situation as far as sharing the stage with talented bands we love and admire.

Anything else you want to say or add?

Stay T.P.R., baby! We’ll see you all on the road.

To celebrate their new album, the group will embark on a short North American trek in January.



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