Review/photos: Royal Thunder, Backwoods Payback & Heavy Temple, Saint Vitus, 1/19

Posted by on January 23, 2018

Whenever Royal Thunder are in town, it’s highly advised for all to do whatever it takes to attend. These Atlanta hard rockers returned to Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, New York this past Friday (19th), and once again, their musical intensity won us over. The group were there to support their latest effort, 2017’s Wick and they brought Heavy Temple and Backwoods Payback on for support.

Heavy Temple, the all-female doom act from Philly kicked off the evening and, it was their shredding that caught the crowd’s attention. The night moved on the right track as stoner rockers from West Chester, PA Backwoods Payback continued to engage the audience.

The house was pretty packed for a cold Friday night, more-so than Royal Thunder’s last headlining appearance in March last year. Their setlist, as well as the crowd’s emotional state, are usually a mystery since you never know how hypnotic their performance will be. And on this particular evening, the group’s energy was more edgy than heartbreaking. Many knew if they performed “Plans,” the house filled with metalheads would look like a nursery room filled with crying babies, which only shows how powerful their music is. However, the group took more of a jammy-straight forward rock n’ roll approach that night and it was just as enchanting.

The group are returning to Saint Vitus on Friday February 16th and will be on the road throughout the spring. Check out their tour dates here.




“Whispering World”

“April Showers”


“Hotel Bend”

“Mouth of Fire”

“Burning Tree”

“Time Machine”

“Parsonz Curse”


“Forget You”












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