Photos/recap: Royal Thunder bring ‘Wick’ to Saint Vitus, Brooklyn NY, 3/8/17

Posted by on March 9, 2017

Few bands are simultaneously indescribable and unforgettable, making their live performance a different experience than your average rock or metal show. Atlanta rockers Royal Thunder are one of these bands and once you see them live, you can’t stop. The group decided to celebrate the release of their new album Wick one month early with five select tour dates across the East Coast. The tour kicked off on March 3 in Asheville NC and concludes on March 17 in Jackson, MS. We were able to see their show last night (8) at Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn NY.

The evening kicked off with the Brooklyn metal act Beast Modulus. You could describe them as the complete opposite of what Royal Thunder sounds like. The venue was strangely lit with a monitor in the background displaying random images setting a distorted mood. It was unexpected to hear them when you were planning for a grungier/bluesier evening. However, it did wake up the crowd and people had time to juice up on a few drinks.

Royal Thunder ended up taking the stage around 11 PM and it was incredible. Mlny Parsonz goes beyond her bluesy vocals and basslines. She brings a powerful energy to the stage, and it had an effect on many members of the crowd last night. It was intense. Her emotion went right into our souls. awakening fears and sorrows. By the end of the night, a few ended up in tears. Their style is a blend that ranges from progressive, grunge, blues, and at points, you can hear a raw Janis Joplin essence from Parsonz’ vocals. And last night, they showcased a heap more of emotional turbulence. For those who missed it, the next time they come to your town, do yourself a favor and buy the ticket to see them.  


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