Photos: Ghost B.C. Preach At NYC’s Webster Hall, 5/11/13

Posted by on May 13, 2013

It wouldn’t necessarily be correct to call Ghost (or Ghost B.C., as they’re being forced to call themselves in America) an overnight sensation. However, they have come pretty far in two years. Consider their show this past Saturday (May 11) at New York’s Webster Hall. Just 1 year and 11 months earlier, the band played their first show in New York, also at Webster Hall. However, it was the much smaller basement venue, Studio at Webster Hall.

In between June 1 of 2011, the band have come back several times, once with Mastodon and Opeth, become subject of a bidding war, signed with Universal/Republic offshoot Loma Vista Recordings, and released their sophomore album, Infestissumam. They brought their tour to New York to play in front of a sold-out crowd, and excitement was palpable as odd hymn-like music started playing as The Nameless Ghouls took the stage. The crowd roared their approval as Papa Emeritus II came onstage shortly afterwards. Mixing in plenty of new material with music from Opus Eponymous, the crowd knew every word to both albums, and there was even an appreciative stripper dancing in a Ghost B.C. shirt on one side of the stage. Photographer Derek Soto from Sinestra Studios was there to shoot the sermon for Metal Insider, so say 10 ‘hail satans’ and check out the gallery below.

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