Metal Insider’s Top 5 best moments of Kamelot’s 2019 ‘Shadow Theory’ North American tour

Posted by on October 12, 2019

Kamelot’s extensive North American trek is coming to a close today (12th) in Tampa Bay, Florida. Therefore, we decided to reflect on five best moments of these power metallers’ Shadow Theory touring cycle. Throughout the last twenty-eight years, the group has been through quite a few challenges, including significant lineup changes. However, that hasn’t stopped them from evolving, which we saw in their latest effort 2018’s The Shadow Theory

They aren’t your average Tampa Bay, Florida power metal act. And if it weren’t for 2003’s Epica, there wouldn’t be bands such as Epica. Thanks to founding member guitarist Thomas Youngblood, he has seen and experienced it all. Instead of calling it quits, the group has consistently released new material throughout their shakeups. We’ve seen bassist Sean Tibbetts leave and return in 2009. Keyboardist Oliver Palotai (ex-Doro), has been with the band since their overall eighth full-length effort, 2007’s Ghost Opera. CyHra drummer Alex Landenburg joined the group earlier this year. However, the most significant change was when Seventh Wonder vocalist Tommy Karevik stepped in to replace longtime vocalist Roy Khan just in time for 2012’s Silverthorn. The group has not only evolved with these new faces. They’ve also expanded their musical style and raised the bar on their live production, making them a must-see act. With that being said, here’s Metal Insider’s Top 5 best moments on the second leg of Kamelot’s Shadow Theory North American tour.

05) The supporting acts: Sonata Arctica & Battle Beast

One day we will see Kamelot team up with Epica for a massive tour. However, Finland’s Sonata Arctica and Finland’s Battle Beast were the perfect pairings for this particular run. This wasn’t the first time Kamelot invited Battle Beast to join them on their North American trek. Hopefully, it won’t be their last either. We attended this tour during their stop on September 14th, 2019, at New York City’s Playstation Theater. While we cannot tell if this didn’t happen across the continent but, the venue was packed from the get-go with beloved Battle Beast fans. This was a much better appearance for the group compared to last year’s. Last time, at their Irving Plaza show, the doors opened late, leaving many devoted fans missing their set. Therefore, the evening kicked off with Battle Beast, who enticed the audience bringing their new album No More Hollywood Endings to life. Despite Janne Björkroth’s (keytar) absence, this was one of their best performances as vocalist Noora Louhimo has definitely warmed up to the North American crowd. The group gave an outstanding show with songs “Unbroken,” “Straight to the Heart,” “The Golden Horde,” “Eden,” “Bastard Son of Odin,” “No More Hollywood Endings,” “King for a Day,” and “Beyond the Burning Skies.”

Finnish power metal giants Sonata Arctica made a bold move by performing mainly their newer material. They were clearly there to leave the past behind to bring their latest effort, Talviyö, to life, which was released on September 6th via Nuclear Blast. While there were a few veteran fans that were heartbroken from the lack of earlier material on their setlist, many sang along to the fresh set of tunes. Songs from Talviyö included “A Little Less Understanding,” “Cold,” “Storm the Armada,” and “Who Failed the Most.” The group also went into songs from 2016’s The Ninth Hour with “Closer to an Animal,” and “Life.” Other tracks consisted of X Marks the Spot from 2014’s Pariah’s Child and FullMoon from 1999’s Ecliptica.

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