Bask brought their psychedelic Americana to Philly

Posted by on September 9, 2019

We went to check out Bask at Philadelphia’s Kung Fu Necktie this past August 29. I had never seen these southern gentlemen before so I was interested in checking them out. Definitely worth my time.

Bask is one of those bands who are difficult to label. And that’s part of their charm, to be honest. They have so many influences and pull from so many genres that you, as the listener, become enchanted not just in the incredibly solid musicianship but also in the allure of not necessarily knowing what is coming next. From stoner metal to Americana to southern rock to doom, this band runs the gamut in ways that few other bands can actually pull off.

Kung Fu Necktie was dark and the stage was nearly pitch black short of some red light and a lit up bass drum. That made for a challenge to take solid photos, but it certainly enhanced the mood for the show. Definitely “chill” but not “too chill.”  Interesting crowd mix.

One of my favorite tunes from the night was “In the Black Fir.” A soulful cut that creates lush soundscapes. Love the lead guitar work on that track.

I also really dug “Kindled Green.” A song that starts out rather quiet and slow then slowly builds while embracing chunky riffs and some top shelf harmonies and vocals. The Philly crowd was definitely feel this one with lots of heads bobbing up and down.

The band shared a couple new songs that will be on their upcoming record releasing in the coming months. No doubt these were well received and I’m looking forward to checking both the record out and this band again the next time they come to town.





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