Legendary NYHC bands Agnostic Front and Sick of it All teamed up to bring four sold-out nights of chaos to NYC. One could say, it was a veteran hardcore fan’s dream as both groups brought that old-school CBGB’s vibe to NYC’s Bowery Electric on 12/11, Staten Island’s PUG’s on 12/12, Queen’s Blackthorn 51 on 12/13, and Brooklyn’s Kingsland on 12/15. Metal Insider contributing photographer Melinda Oswandel was there to capture the madness that took place at the Bowery Electric.


Agnostic Front:

Agnostic Front released their overall twelfth studio effort, GET LOUD! On November 8th via Nuclear Blast. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what happened on the brisk Wednesday night. The intimate venue had fans of all ages moshing, crowd surfing, and letting go of all inhibitions. While it was nostalgic for some, the experience provided a bit of perspective on how incredible intimate shows can be. 



Sick of it All:

Sick of It All were there to promote their latest effort, Wake the Sleeping Dragon!, which was released in November 2018. Their energy was unstoppable as frontman Lou Koller walked into the crowd despite the ongoing insanity. 

Overall, it was a fearless evening leaving fans with a “gift” of either bumps, bruises, or a black eye. And if you asked anyone who attended the show, they would say the physical pain was well worth it.