Queensryche Only Want Fans Who Bought The New Album To See New Video

Posted by on June 30, 2011

When you release a music video in support of a new album, you want as many people as possible to see it right? Well, apparently not if you’re Queensryche.

The Seattle prog rockers have released a new video for the song “Get Started.” However, in order to see this masterpiece of a video, you have to “validate” through a widget (as seen off to the side) to prove that you’ve actually bought their new album Dedicated To Chaos. That’s right, only people who have bought the album can watch the music video that is online.

Granted, it’s swell of Geoff Tate and co. to reward fans who bought the album this week. But why would you prevent potential new fans from viewing a viral marketing tool that could convince them to buy the album? In this day in age, you should try and get as many people as possible to watch or listen to your stuff, not prevent them. It’s not like I’m going to think to myself “Oh, I need to buy the album to watch this video. Better go to iTunes and purchase the thing then!” Videos are used to promote, not reward.

If by chance have a copy of Dedicated To Chaos (and can prove that you’ve legally bought it, because Dr. X is apparently watching your every purchase) and still want to watch the video for “Get Started,” then you can head over to the widget and start the process of validation.


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