You know where you are? Guns N’ Roses didn’t

Posted by on February 15, 2017

Guns N’ Roses are currently touring Australia, and they recently had a bit of a snafu when they played Melbourne yesterday. First of all, apparently, it seems that the band might be getting back to their old ways. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the crowd was waiting for almost an hour for the band to take the stage. That wasn’t the biggest problem, though. Longtime guitar tech McBob finally took the stage to introduce the band, playing off of KISS’ longtime stage announcement and proudly yelling “Sydney! You wanted the best, well they’re stuck in traffic. Here’s what you get, Guns N’ Roses!” That would’ve been great, but they were in Melbourne, which the crowd promptly responded to with booing. 

Guns n’ Roses had just finished playing two days in Sydney. The band quickly apologized for the gaffe.






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