Hardcore band Vanna sued for ‘musical assault’

Posted by on November 20, 2015

You’re probably wondering what “musical assault” means, thinking it sounds like the type of assault you go through every time you listen to an awful band and wish you can actually sue them for it, but sadly, this isn’t the case, or at least not in this context.

Back in 2013, Boston hardcore outfit, Vanna, went on tour with Norma Jean and KEN Mode and played a show at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, CA. Apparently during the excitement and hardcore rush of the performance, Vanna’s guitarist threw his guitar to the crowd, hitting Eric Quiros in the face really hard – so hard that his nose was broken in 5 places. He also suffered lacerations to his face and a guitar string apparently punctured his nose, with a portion lodging inside it.

Quiros required surgery after the incident and now’s suing Vanna and the Whisky for “musical assault” which obviously is basic personal damages and injuries. Obviously, we want to believe the incident was unintentional but either way, the damage has been done and, as someone living in Los Angeles who has gone to the Whisky a million and one times, I can assure you that anything thrown from that stage will hurt a lot.



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