Darkest Hour’s Mike Schleibaum’s Five Favorite No Label Needed Finalists

Posted by on March 18, 2010

Photo Credit: Matt Bell

Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum wrote a great post for the No Label Needed contest urging people to vote for their favorite bands. Iron Thrones ultimately won the contest, but Schleibaum  weighed in on his five favorite bands of the contest. Currently on the road with The Dillinger Escape Plan in support of their final album for Victory Records, look for the band to announce their new label home shortly.

OrwellThe Distance” – La Crosse, WI. This song right here is an epic thrash journey and they are by far one of the best bands in the contest. A heavy Swedish thrash influence is obvious but Orwell also displays the power, aggression, and grove of most modern American metal bands. Orwell’s almost “And Justice For All….” style song writing, is something I personally love.

Iron Thrones “Cover of Smoke” – Minneapolis, MN: Cool FUCKING epic metal! I liked this allot and really felt like it was fresh sounding. The music is melodic metal but intelligently and tastefully done. I appreciate the direct vocal delivery as it gives the music a lot of room to be melodic but still very heavy. Sure there is plenty of Opeth, Muse, Cave In, and even Poison The Well but hidden in this song is also something special.

Iris Divine “Unspoken Tragedy” –  Alexandria, VA. Ok this might seem out of left field but I loved this. Sure they’re from my hometown area and all…and look It’s a little more melodic vocally then I usually like my metal. But these vocals compliment this music really well. The tune itself has a math-y almost Pantera meets tool grove.

Falling to Pieces “This Broken Vow” – Bay Area, CA – This band is a perfect example of how awesome the blending of European and American metal styles can be. From the opening riff you know this tune is going to be a rage’er. As the Dark Lord would say himself “the force is strong with this one.” I think the guitar riffage and singing would totally shine through under the guidance of Machine and Crew.

8 Infinite Suns “The Cleanse” – Los Angeles, CA – Really clean sounding heavy stuff. You can hear the Soilwork influence but that’s ok, it’s a good thing. Something about this tune really grabbed my attention. I guess its the classic feel and energy. It has both while still feeling young and exciting.

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