What is Marilyn Manson teasing?

Posted by on February 24, 2020


Marilyn Manson is teasing something on Instagram. Based on the series of hashtags Manson used, suggests he has a lot planned for this year. On Saturday (22nd), the shock rocker shared an image of what could be a new album teaser, an upcoming video, or something involving Black Sabbath.


Manson shared the following:

“Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me… #everyonewillsuffernow #blacksabbathbornagain #antichristsuperstar #2020 #youhavenoideawhatiscoming”


According to Google translate, the phrase “Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me” translates to “All deaf, and now you hear me?” With that line alone, we can predict a new single is on its way. As far as the other alleged clues, Manson is right about one thing; we have no idea what is coming. We’ve seen several updates on the follow-up to 2017’s Heaven Upside Down, including the time when the artist called his new album a “study of the chamber of horrors in my head.”


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Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me… #everyonewillsuffernow #blacksabbathbornagain #antichristsuperstar #2020 #youhavenoideawhatiscoming

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