Watch Pentagram perform without Bobby Liebling

Posted by on April 25, 2017

Pentagram frontman Bobby Liebling has a long history battling with his demons, and it seems he’s headed to another dark place. For those who have seen the documentary, Last Days Here, you would understand a bit more about his struggle. It wasn’t too long ago when the band had a falling out with the opening acts on their tour last June and Liebling has an extensive history showing up late or not at all. Guitarist Victor Griffin witnessed most of this and it looks like he’s now preparing himself and the rest of the band for Liebling’s absence. Last week it was hinted that the frontman had a relapse (not confirmed) and the band continued their east coast tour without him. Fan footage is now available on YouTube from their recent show in Baltimore and you can see the band continued as a trio with Griffin filling in on vocals.
Check out the footage below:



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