Vio-lence vocalist Sean Killian hospitalized for post-surgical complications

Posted by on April 19, 2018

Vio-lence vocalist Sean Killian has returned to the hospital at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) after experiencing complications from last month’s liver transplant surgery. Killian’s wife, Dana, has been keeping everyone informed via Facebook as she explained he’s had “post-surgical complications including infection and bile leaks.”

Read her statements below:


Sean is back at UCSF. We’ve been here since Friday. Long story short…. post-surgical complications including infection & bile leaks. Lots & lots of diagnostics, treating issues as discovered, but still symptomatic & experiencing a lot of pain. The worst is watching him suffer & not being able to help! Physically, he is wasting away. The pain has been unbearable & difficult to manage. He’s so very malnourished & weak.

Just one hour ago, he was taken to surgery. They’ll re-open his incision, flush out the bile in his abdomen & make all necessary repairs. I’ve been by his side & while I love the intimacy & how much closer we’re growing, I wish he’d just get better! Praying this surgery will be the final, once-and-for-all solution so he can begin the healing process again & not have any more setbacks. More than likely, he’ll be back in the ICU. The plan moving forward depends on what they discover.

I’m staying at a hotel with no plans to leave until we can leave together. Without the funds coming in from all the charity events, Go Fund Me account, etc… it wouldn’t be possible for me to be here. The costs involved for this entire situation are simply astronomical, especially in SF. So, THANK YOU ALL!!!

Feel free to post comments here for Sean, but I respectfully request you refrain from sending PM’s or texts. I will not respond. My focus needs to stay sharp & tuned to Sean. I’ll be sure to update this post as info becomes available.”


“Sean is out of surgery. It went well. Found another pocket of bile by the cut end of the liver. Flushed it out. No way to stitch it. Needs to scar on it’s own. Another drain is in to keep the leaking bile from pooling in his abdomen again. He is not in ICU. They are hoping to get him his own room, but will be going back up to 9long when recovered. Estimate he’ll remain here another 5 days or so.”

“Sean and I want to thank you for all your prayers and support, for sharing the updates and keeping it classy. Again, I apologize I cannot respond to individual messages at this time. My main priority is being a loving wife to Sean.

I am pleassed to announce Sean has been moved to a private room and has bounced back quite a bit from where he was this morning. The transplant team, nursing and patient care staff have been amazing, keeping on top of his pain and making sure he is comfortable. They have been incredibly accommodating, including me in every conversation, answering all my questions with thorough responses, never making me feel like a burden or a nuisance.

It is anticipated he will remain here for another 5 or 6 days, but we aren’t complaining. He’s getting the best care possible! Much love to you all.”

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