Unlocking the Truth’s Facebook page unlocked by hackers

Posted by on June 29, 2015

Tsk tsk tsk. It seems that the young boys in Unlocking the Truth may have been browsing some of those special adult websites and had their Facebook page taken over by spammers. As of 4:30pm yesterday, spam links began showing up on the Brooklyn based three piece’s Facebook page, with such titles as “17 Fun and Easy DIY Tricks to Renew Your Old [Jeans],” and the more *cough cough* interesting sounding ones like “Just GIFs of Women Putting on Tight Pants,” “Booty of the Day Gifs,” and the best and most recent post as of writing this, “Top Hygiene Tips for Anal. The boys have yet to regain access to their page [at least not while I’ve been writing this; 3:15AM] and they seem to be having a bit of a troublesome time doing it.

Consider this a lesson in not clicking random links on Facebook to websites you don’t know, especially not CHECKNEWS.TK, which is where all these links seem to be sending people. Seriously, there are plenty of safer places on the internet to find some of these things for, you know, for research purposes.

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These boys aren’t the only ones having some social media trouble lately either. I See Stars had a similar run in not too long ago where they were hacked by ISIS [Not the band], and Puddle of Mudd and Dave Draiman both did some cord cutting of their own.

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