Normally, when tourists visit a zoo they hope to find monkeys tagging along on their car or to check out any animals who aren’t hiding or sleeping. Meanwhile, in the Ukraine, there’s a brand new epic statue of Slayer vocalist/bassist Tom Araya at the XII Months Zoo in Demidiv making that an instant must see. The unexpected iconic figure includes a carved in written phrase which happens to be a line from one of their most famous tunes, “Dead Skin Mask” from 1990’s Seasons in the Abyss:

“In the depth of a mind insane. Fantasy and reality are the same.”

The following post surfaced online and the message isn’t the best translation since it was done automatically via Facebook:

“Dear friends, we finally finished our disputes and jam and can say – Sculpture Tom Araya in our park is complete and submitted for your critical examination. I can’t tell you how hard that was and how much we argued about the appropriateness of, say, a form of beards 🙂 or guitar Tom. I put the results of our labour on the official site of Tom, I heard what he just got back from Chile and resting before the European tour – perhaps drop by and join us. At least the sweetest Sandra Araya (wife) told me that she loved it. God forbid. .. I told her the same as all the arguing about any details on the sculpture and even joked that thank god there’s Tom at the concert – and if the sculpture was called, for example, Tom on the beach. .. .

Anyway, please email (those) who wants to know how we did it.

And I’m so glad I got to Ukraine drew attention to the whole army (Multimillion-Dollar) lovers of Slayer and Tom. Look at his website :)and to all the approval

Propaganda, war ensemble, burial to be 😉 “

It seems, what was once an April Fools prank turned into one remarkable graven-like masterpiece.

“And Here’s another thing, through a third party information has come to me that Mr Fix (photo below) and Tom Araya (more below) not before the end of the joke, share our view of the practical jokers, and all those who laughed.

One of them (don’t you know who) asked me to give in Kiev: Crocodiles, huh? Well, darlings, till next April 1 stop on by before you go to sleep under your bed. So, just in case.”

[via Metal Injection]