Twitter reaction highlights to Rage Against the Machine

Posted by on February 12, 2020

There has been a lot of activity on Twitter involving Rage Against the Machine since the group officially announced their reunion tour on Monday (10th). In addition to recently seeing the social media outlet explode from My Chemical Romance fans unable to obtain a ticket, these reactions could be the funniest thing you will read for the rest of the month. Between the group headlining this year’s Reading and Leeds as well as Electric Picnic Festival, this has led many young music fans freakout with utter disappointment having no clue who RATM are. A few went the distance and categorized them as “goth,” others cried for Arctic Monkeys to headline. Overall, the announcement has led people to do what they love doing the most on social media: complain. There are complaints about ticket sales, complaints about people complaining, the works. We went down the Twitter rabbit hole and collected quite a few reaction highlights to Rage Against the Machine, and you can view them below:




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