We’ll take Tool news any way we can get it, and that way appears to be “secondhand information from Tool’s webmaster and secondhand reports from fans. We got another one of the latter recently. According to a recent report, a fan claimed to have met Tool drummer Danny Carey and heard an update on a new album.

“I went to The Baked Potato tonight and caught the first set of the Doug Webb Allstars. During the break I was fortunate to talk with Danny, and I asked him how high Tool fans must be to think the band would be releasing a new album prior to this upcoming tour. He laughed and said, “They can believe whatever they want, but it’s not gonna happen.” He added, and I’m condensing/paraphrasing here, that they hope to get into the studio to record in the Fall.”

Considering the band’s upcoming tour this summer, a 2018 release could be a realistic possibility. However, we aren’t quite sure since over the past few months there have been a few hints including Maynard working on vocals and possibly joining streaming services in the near future. Who knows, maybe it will be exactly 10,000 days until the new release. Maynard’s not in any hurry to verify anything.