It’s amazing how long it’s been since Tool put out an album (it’ll be eleven years in April). The road to a 10,000 Days follow-up has been long, fraught with lawsuits, and name calling. And the band’s general message appeared to be “we’ll put out an album when we damn well please.” It appears that the band work on music, then send to Maynard James Keenan when it’s done, and he still has to write lyrics. However, according to an update last week on the band’s website, some progress is being made – Maynard is currently working on vocals for the album.

In speaking with Danny last night, he told me that the band has temporarily MOVED some of their gear into a larger space (across town) where MAYNARD is working on VOCALS for some of the new Tool material. I’m sure that he has already been doing this to some extent, but now he has more room to breathe and a better vocal booth.

We’re not going to get too excited, since in Tool land, that’s just a recipe for disappointment. We’ve been psyched for a new Tool album for at least the last five years, and there haven’t been that many updates, just enough to get us excited. So while Maynard hopefully nails the vocals soon, we can look forward to seeing the band at Governor’s Ball and Boston Calling, and here’s some visuals that accompany part of a new song the band have been playing.