Someone’s claiming to be in Primitive Man to get n00dz

Posted by on September 25, 2014

Denver doom trio Primitive Man aren’t a huge band just yet. They’ve got just one (killer) debut album under their belt, Scorn, and a few splits to their name in the 2 1/2 years they’ve been together. That’s why it’s pretty bizarre that there’s someone claiming to be in the band for the sole purpose of harassing women and asking them for naked pictures. Here’s what the band said about it via their Facebook page:

It has been called to our attention by a couple of people that there is someone on the internet (mostly tumblr)pretending like they are in the band and are using it as an excuse to harass women and ask them for nudes. We would never ask anyone directly for nudes. It is wrong and we are not famous. And we would never harass or attempt to dehumanize anyone for not giving us any. We love and respect people of all backgrounds. So if you have had an encounter with this “scott from primitive man” please know that there is not and never has been anyone named scott in our band, and that we all operate on a higher level of intelligence. I feel sad that I even have to address this issue. I wouldn’t, but the person who started all of this shit appears like he was trying to lure someone at a show in the UK, but claims that he lives in denver.

This is a list of all of our websites/internet presences. If anyone contacts you from anywhere other than these places and tells you that they are from the band then remember STRANGER DANGER. And don’t respond. Or do if you want. You’re an adult and I trust your decisions.

http://leangreenohmswatts.tumblr.com (Ethan’s art blog)
http://iwanttowashmybrain.tumblr.com (Ethan’s non art blog)
@primitivemane (Ethan)
@thugxpassion303 (Jon)
@spygeb (Spy)


email: [email protected]

So there you have it. If someone from a band who’s not actually in the band wants naked pics of you, you probably shouldn’t send them. Also, if someone you don’t know that well asks you for naked pictures period, you probably shouldn’t send them.


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