Album Anniversary: Immortal’s debut album turns 24

Posted by on July 1, 2016

Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism

There’s no need to make an introduction about a band like Norway’s Immortal. Either by all the silly internet memes going around, their light-hearted attitude in a genre known to be too serious or their catchy music, Immortal has made their impact in black metal history and today, we celebrate the release of their debut album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism.

Immortal was formed in 1991 by frontman Abbath, guitarist Demonaz and drummer Armagedda when they were just teenagers and after recording a demo which gave em a deal with Listenable Records to release an EP, the trio set themselves ready to record their debut record.

With the increasing attention they were getting in the black metal scene, Immortal was able to sign with the newly launched French label Osmose Productions, making them one of the first bands signed with them. The studio recording took place in April of 1992 and the album was launched in July 1st of the same year, which is why the band considered this album to be too rushed and weren’t too happy with it a few years after.

Musically, Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism has a different flavor hinting to what Immortal became in the coming years, with a more primitive and raw approach on their music, yet, still finding a way to incorporate the groove they developed later with Pure Holocaust. Even Demonaz considered this album to be a rough start as he explained when discussing their sophomore record:

There were some mistakes on the first album. Our new drummer is incredible  The lyrics are better and without any mistakes like there were on the first album, due to Osmose Productions. Our next album will be called “Battles in the North” is even more faster…

The album reception has changed through the years to come. At the time it was released, the album generated a fairly good reception among the fans and an average response from the critics who saw it as a gateway of what those teenagers were aiming to do but hadn’t successfully reached yet.

Immortal has gone through many changes even at the time their first album was released as this was the first and last full-length record with drummer Armagedda, forcing Abbath to take the throne for the subsequent record and finally recruiting their long-time drummer Horgh. In recent years, the band split due to difference among the trio leading Abbath to form his own solo band and Demonaz continuing with Horgh on their own.

What remains intact is the influence they created as a band which started with Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism making this a record to keep in the annals of history of the Norwegian black metal scene. Take a listen to this album and let us know what were your thoughts when it came out.

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