Slash approves of BABYMETAL

Posted by on February 17, 2015

By now, pretty much everyone with any interest in metal music is well aware of the Japanese act BABYMETAL. And while reactions to their existence is understandably mixed, there’s no doubt that they have been successful in achieving a now ever-increasing global fan base. Now, it seems that you can also add former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash to their fan club as well. In a recent interview with The Dave Fromm Show on InterFM, the axemaster expressed his approval of the group, including the idea of playing a gig with them:

“I’ve heard these guys. I know these guys… Anyway, [they’re] the most exciting thing that I’d seen recently, what I heard. Because they have a look, and they’re girls.”
Slash doesn’t seem like the kind of man that is easily impressed, but he seems captivated more by the fact that BABYMETAL is made up of young girls rather than just females. Regardless, Slash seems to be one of the many people that are on board with BABYMETAL either as simple entertainment, or as something different that’s shaking the foundations of the rock and metal world one way or another. Would you pay to see a show with both BABYMETAL and Slash on the same bill? Either way, listen to the whole clip for yourself below.




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