Saxon robbed at Sweden’s U Rock festival

Posted by on June 2, 2017

Last night (1), British heavy metal giants Saxon performed at the U Rock Festival at the Campus Arena in Umea, Sweden. During their appearance, someone managed to sneak into their dressing room stealing their passports, wallets, and phones. Since then, a few members have been able to travel but there are crew members who are currently stuck there. It is disgusting to think a concert goer or anyone at all would do such a thing but, it happened. The group found a witness and are asking anyone if they know who the person is to turn them in, “no questions asked”.

The band shared the following:


If you are the person who broke into the Saxon dressing room at U Rock Festival in Umea, Sweden tonight – please return phones, passports, wallets – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Or if you know this person please turn in.

The band needs these things for travel home.

It was a great show tonight – we know this does not represent our fans there.

Thank you

Saxon Management”


“As an update – the band has been able to travel but some of the crew have not. No luck in tracking the phones but we are checking regularly and the police are involved. We also have a witness, so hopefully this person is caught – especially before he strikes again!

We would like to say Thank you for all the support and sharing the information – Saxon truly has the best fans in the world!!”


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