Riot (V), the legendary New York City-based metal band, has signed with Atomic Fire Records and is set to release their next album in early 2024, following the success of Armor Of Light. Known for their influential journey in the heavy music scene, the band has a rich history with albums from 1977’s Rock City and 1988’s Thundersteel. Despite facing lineup changes, notably the loss of founding member Mark Reale, Riot (V) continued to create music. Now, with the support of Atomic Fire Records, Riot(V) are ready to release new music. 


Original Thundersteel bassist/songwriter Donnie Van Stavern, who currently manages and handles affairs for the band, commented:

“Metal warriors, I’m pleased to announce that we have signed with the mighty Atomic Fire Records! Markus Wosgien and Flori Milz are not only label reps but friends and know our vision for the future of the band! The [upcoming album] was recorded in New York, Texas, and Michigan, and mixed in New Jersey with Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger) who produced the comeback Immortal Soul and mastered in Germany by Bart Gabriel. Look for the new release in early 2024. We just finished it and it will be another crusher!”


Atomic Fire Records A&R Markus Wosgien added:

“We’re incredibly proud to reunite with RIOT (V)! After parts of our team had been working on their Armor Of Light campaign, we’re even happier that the band have decided to continue their path with the same crew. RIOT (V) is definitely one of the greats and only get better with age, although they’ve released so many true classics throughout their long-time career, starting in 1976, my year of birth. There’s a special magic connecting Donnie, Mike, Todd, Frank and Nick that actually makes every new record a milestone in the group’s history, and in my opinion, they’re one of the very best heavy metal acts of all time and are set to deliver yet another excellent opus with their upcoming album.”