Rex Brown selling Pantera, Down memorabilia

Posted by on April 15, 2015

rexbrownbrokeIf you’re a Pantera fan, your life just might be about to get a little more Brown. Rex Brown, that is. The Pantera and Down bassist, currently playing in Kill Devil Hill, has just opened up the vault to sell a ton of memorabilia from his time with the two previous bands via an online auction. What’s that mean? Well, for one, you could pick up a gold Cowboys From Hell award for $300. He’s also selling everything from basses he’s played with Pantera and Down (cool!) to Pantera road cases (pretty cool!) to “heavily worn” Converse sneakers (ew!).

While Brown has had some issues with back taxes in recent years, he’s taken to his Facebook page to dismiss rumors that the auction is financially-motivated:

as already stated, far from “broke” these things have been sitting in warehouses for 20 years, collecting dust, this is an opportunity for fans to own a piece of history, that have been asking for this for years.

He repeated himself to a degree in another comment in the thread:

 this is an opportunity for fans to own some very cool and historical items . This company has represented numerous artists inlcuding Ted Nugent, Megadeth, members of KISS, The Grateful Dead and more, this stuff has been sitting in warehouses collecting dust, here’s a chance to own a piece of history

There is some pretty solid stuff in the auction, and whether it’s because Brown needs the money or not, if you consider yourself a big Pantera fan, you might want to look into this. You can head to Backstage Auctions and peep the stuff for sale here.

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