Obituary announce two spring Livestream events

Posted by on March 3, 2021


Obituary have announced a two part Livestream series. The first one kicks off on March 27th, which will see the group performing their favorite songs. April 3rd, will be the second virtual show, which the group will perform 1992’s The End Complete in full. Tickets and merch bundles are available this Friday (5th) at 1PM EST via this location


The group commented:

“The CDC has determined that wearing two masks is proven even more effective at helping slow the spread of Covid-19 and though the vaccines are beginning to work around the world to end the pandemic, there is a new virus lurking in the swamps of Florida and we are not out of the woods yet.  With that said, we suggest that you triple mask for these next live-streams because one thing’s clear, this is no ordinary virus.  This is the *Metal-21-Virus and there is no vaccine developed to save you from it so… wear your mask & KEEP UR DISTANCE because METAL IS CONTAGIOUS  For the past 7 weeks we have locked ourselves inside the studio to prepare for these next studio livestream sessions. Re-learning the now 29 year old “The End Complete” album and rehearsing many of the bands favorites. We are proud to announce that we are ready to bring our fans the goods and have picked a killer selection of classic songs, rare tracks and The End Complete Album performed in its entirety. We have been busting our asses preparing and now WE are ready.  Question is…Are YOU? Here we Go!!!!!”




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