Nightwish is the first-ever band to hold a video shoot at London’s Natural History Museum

Posted by on January 22, 2020

Nightwish have recently announced their first album in five years, Human. :II: Nature. will be released on April 10th via Nuclear Blast. These Finnish symphonic metal legends haven’t unleashed a new song or video just yet. However, the group has revealed they’ve became the first band-ever to be given permission to hold a shoot at London’s Natural History Museum’s Cathedral. It is certainly a great piece of news for all of the group fans as well as the London Escape rooms enthusiasts as it has been reported that many local escape rooms are going to include Nightwish tracks as a part of the puzzle game experience to celebrate this significant event.

The group commented via social media: 

“During the making of our upcoming album “Human. :||: Nature.”, we became the first band ever to be given permission to hold a shoot in the majestic Cathedral that is the @NHM_London. We had 4 hours all to ourselves in this majestic building. A rare privilege!”


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