Coronavirus: Caligula’s Horse North American Tour POSTPONED

Posted by on March 23, 2020

Caligula’s Horse were forced to postpone their North American tour with Moon Tooth and Ebonivory to January/February 2021 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Read statement below:

“It is with the deepest regret that we must postpone our May/June North American tour due to the risks to the global community and the welfare of our most vulnerable. An indefinite travel ban for Australians has been put in place, which is a decision that we support wholeheartedly. Rest assured, we are currently booking North American shows for Jan – Feb 2021. Please hold on to your tickets for now! It’s our goal that your tickets will be valid for those shows, so watch this space for their announcement sometime in the near future.
This decision was not made lightly – we waited for as long as we could for the most reliable and trustworthy expert information to reach a conclusion as to whether our US tour would be safe to go ahead in that time frame. It is clear now that embarking on this tour is not just impossible, but would be entirely irresponsible. We are truly sorry to disappoint our friends and fans in the United States, but of course, the danger to those most at risk in our respective societies takes precedence over any emotional attachment or financial loss.
As is the case in many industries in which people live gig to gig or shift to shift, the live music industry is suffering as a whole as a result of this global crisis. We cannot deny that we are facing a tremendous loss through this cancellation, which has put us, as a progressive band, in an extremely difficult position going forward. In light of that, we humbly ask for your support. Please, if you can, support all of your favourite artists, whether they be local or otherwise, and encourage your friends to do the same – all of us out there are feeling the strain. You could make a purchase from our merch stores, pre-order Rise Radiant from the link below, stream our albums and singles, or all of the above. We are not seeking a hand-out or to profit from a time of crisis, but trying to mitigate this loss to ensure our capacity to continue our career in the future.
We love you all – stay safe and well, and follow all health guidelines to the letter. Together, we can create a network of support for our most vulnerable with the smallest of actions.
– Caligula’s Horse”


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