New Static-X frontman’s identity has been revealed!

Posted by on October 8, 2019

Static-X has been working hard to keep the identity of their new frontman a mystery. Known as Xer0, the singer has been touring with the group while wearing a mask in honor of late frontman Wayne Static. Similar to “who is Tortilla Man” or “what’s happening to Fear Factory?” there have been quite a few rumors and speculations. People have wondered if Xer0’s identity was Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, Wednesday 13 to Dope frontman Edsel Dope, and more.   

While photographers are fantastic at capturing the memories behind every show, they can also catch a bit of extra detail, more-so than snapping a photo with a cell phone. With that being said, Danish metal zine Metal a Day photographer Anders Groos Mikkelsen managed to discover who the mysterious man is behind the mask. 

Static-X’s new singer appears to be Dope frontman Edsel Dope. Mikkelsen managed to expose his identity by taking a profile image where you can see a neck tattoo, which is a match to Edsel’s.

This is the closest to concrete evidence we have seen thus far. Hopefully, Static-X or Edsel himself will respond to this. In the meantime, check out the images of the reveal below and get ready to hear some new Static X in 2020

Metal a Day issued the following statement via Facebook (translated via Facebook):

“Static-X Has long not wanted to reveal who is their stand-in pending for deceased Wayne Static in their current constellation.

There have been many guesses about it, but during Static X | Hamburg (ausverkauft) our photographer Anders Groos Mikkelsen paid attention and noticed a striking resemblance to the masked lead singer and Edsel Dope from + DOPE + in the form of a Tattoo by the throat.

The Photo of edsel is picked up from ConcertCapture.com.

Funny enough, the former is also heating for static-x, so it lies right to the right leg to have him as a lead singer!

Do we have anything, or is it just even more guessing?

Review and more pictures from the concert coming later today!”

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