Fear Factory “descent” into more confusion

Posted by on October 8, 2019

Unfortunately, the Fear Factory confusion continues. Last week, we were hopeful about thinking the band was working on changing their name to release their new album, Monolith. The assumption eventually became a result of reading one too many social media hashtags. Guitarist Dino Cazares has once again denied all rumors, theories, and wishful thinking via Twitter. The hashtags many picked up on such as #fearcampaign and #monolith turned out to be for an art gallery that took place this past weekend in Los Angeles as Dino was supporting the work by artist Mirek. 

Fear Factory fans have seen quite a few posts suggesting a new Fear Factory album to arrive in 2020 and our puzzle piece editorial. Therefore, people went to Dino directly via Twitter to seek for answers. Based on the guitarist’s responses, things remain unclear.

You can check out Dino’s feedback below:

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