New Static-X album arriving in May, band tease new material

Posted by on October 7, 2019

Static-X have announced their highly anticipated new album Project Regeneration will be released on May 29th (pre-order here). The band also posted a teaser of a new song called “Hollow.” Due to the original delay of the album, bassist/vocalist Tony Campos mentioned that the band is making it up to the fans by shipping all merchandise for the pre-orders.

“The official release date for ‘Project Regeneration‘ is now May 29, 2020. In the mean time, we have decided to go ahead and ship out ALL of the merchandise and schwag associated with the pre-orders to all the fans who have participated. This way they can have all of their shirts, hoodies, posters, etc, while we all wait a little bit longer for the music to be complete.. As originally planned, the Cd’s will ship to everyone the week prior to release..

In addition, we are finally able to begin sharing some of the finished music from ‘Project Regeneration‘. There is a lot of great stuff on the way, but right now we are going to share a video clip for one of the newly finished songs called ‘Hollow.’ This song was originally a demo from the ‘Start A War‘ album, which was never completed.

Wayne and I never felt like the music on the original demo was fully realized. The vocals sounded great, but some of the musical compositions from that time period felt a bit experimental. There is a reason that some of these tracks never made it on a previous Static-X album, and it certainly wasn’t because of Wayne‘s vocals. The band was just going through a lot of changes at that time and, in retrospect, it felt like we were straying away from that authentic Static-X sound that had really defined us.”

Drummer Ken Jay commented on how late frontman Wayne Static would be proud of the album.

“When we began working on ‘Project Regeneration‘ our producers advised us to ignore all of the old demo music.. We opted for the original band to re-enter the studio with nothing more than Wayne‘s vocal tracks.. The vocals sound really great and I think that Wayne would be really happy with what we’ve done with the music and to hear that these tracks have finally realized their full potential..”

Guitarist Koichi Fukuda expressed his excitement.

“The 20th Anniversary for ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘ only comes once in a life time and this year has been absolutely incredible. The new album is going to be very special and this whole 20th Anniversary touring process has been a very unique and healing experience for the band and also for the fans.

We are so grateful to the fans who have made 2019 such an incredible year for Static-X! “We have toured the world and celebrated the life and work of our dear friend Wayne, while playing our debut album front to back every night.. The fans have really exceeded our expectations and again, we are just so grateful!”

Static-X will be touring the second leg of the 20th Anniversary Tour with supporting acts DevilDriver, Dope, Wednesday 13 and Raven Black. Dates can be found here.



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