New AC/DC album arriving in November

Posted by on October 6, 2020


We’re getting close to hearing AC/DC’s new single for “Shot In The Dark,” which they will release at midnight tonight. And now it looks like their new album will be released sooner than expected. AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson and bassist Cliff Williams were recently interviewed by Rock 100.5 Atlanta radio station to discuss their long-awaited new record, PWR/UP. During the discussion,the album’s release date was revealed as we can now expect the follow-up to 2014’s Rock Or Bust to arrive on November 13th. 

Over the last few years, there’s been clues about the group working on a new album. Most recently, there’s been speculation on the lateMalcolm Young, whether it will include previously unreleased recordings. Johnson clarified the rumor, stating:

“There’s a lot of [rumors] about [late AC/DC rhythm guitarist] Malcolm’s [Young] guitar playing [being on the album], [and] well, of course, that’s not true. But what is true is the fact that Angus and Malcolm had done riffs together all their life and really had a big box of them. And Angus said he basically just went through them all and he went, ‘Oh, that’s a good one. This is a good one.’ And he brought them out. So it really is true that Malcolm is on there, basically, in spirit and all of that. And he’s such a strong character in life. And I think everybody in the band still felt, especially Angus, his brother, [that Malcolm] is in everything. We’re always conscious of that, that he’s watching over, ‘You’d better do it right. You’d better do it AC/DC style or just not do it at all.’ And the songs came in — Angus came in with ’em and all, and worked with Brendan O’Brien, the producer, and I went into just a regular little control room, and we just went for it. And we’d take it back, and Angus would have a listen and see if there was anything that needed changing… But there wasn’t much [that needed to be changed].”


Check Out the interview below:



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