More details emerge about Robert Trujillo’s side project

Posted by on July 24, 2015

Remember that supergroup from earlier this year? The one featuring Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, Torche drummer Rick Smith, Magic Bullet Records founder Brent Eyestone, and Converge bassist Nate Newton? Well, in a recent interview with Eyestone about his other band Harmonic Cross he revealed some info about the mystery supergroup:

Said Eyestone:

“It’s a project through the Tony Hawk Foundation. It’s me, Robert Trujillo, Rick Smith, Graham (Scala), and then Nate Newton from Converge and Doomriders. We’re doing this record, it’s just going to be a couple of tracks that we’re going to put it out digitally and on vinyl. All the money that comes in will be donated to the Tony Hawk Foundation. We all like to skate and we believe in that charity; making free skateparks for lower-income areas. There’s no name and no release date, but once it’s done all proceeds will go to public skateparks. We’re just rabid musicians who want to make new stuff and not put a cap on what it is. It could be an ambient record, it could be a weird, negative hardcore record, or just a band with people we didn’t think we could get.”

From the Magic Bullet website, earlier this year:

“The tracks have been passed along to two other conspirators (that will be named later) and the material will be mixed and mastered in May. Plans for the release of this music will be announced shorty thereafter.”

Chris Owens, who has worked on albums by Pelican, Helms Alee, These Arms are Snakes, and quite a few others, was, “behind the boards” back in February.


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