For years, we (and many other publications) have been keeping everyone informed on when we will see a new Tool album. It’s come to the point that it’s one of the most laughable-memes floating on the internet, since the creation of memes. With that said, our latest update happened this past Friday when drummer Danny Carey confirmed the album will arrive sometime in 2018.

Just over a year ago we heard a rumor that the group were planning to release a double album entitled Decem back in 2016. However, a few months after this announcement, despite the group having enough material for a double album, they were only happy with five tracks. There was also that time when Motorhead confirmed the group were in the studio recording a new album back in 2015 along with a few songs supposedly leaked.

We can trace back to 2012 and earlier when we thought they finished recording. It’s no question that these updates have become more entertainment value than an actual update because, who really knows when it will really happen. Perhaps they will surprise us on New Year’s Day. Or on Christmas eve, like Run the Jewels did. Don’t ask Maynard Keenan about it, as someone did on Twitter, and he responded:


[via ThePrp]