If you have been a Tool fan for the past decade, you know we’ve been waiting on news regarding a new album and we’ve heard every single rumor you can think of about it. The latest news we heard came from The Melvins’ Buzz Osborne who claimed Tool’s new album would consist of songs no shorter than 12 minutes long according to what guitarist Adam Jones told him. That has made a new wave on the rumor mill but there’s seem to be more of this information, this time via Reddit.

Reddit user 77ohio posted on the /r/Music subreddit about some information he claims to have received from a close source to Tool regarding the long-anticipated new album. The redditor said on the thread:

I think Tool has been leading us on in the press. I absolutely cannot reveal my sources for this. Let’s just say that the mixing process has happened.

I will try to get any additional piece of information I can to try and add further validity. I’m excited too and I hope this is true. Under no circumstance will I reveal any personal information about the source.

Although I really don’t think this is a troll job from my source, there is one thing that makes me suspicious. ‘Decem,’ if my research is right, means ‘ten.’ Could that refer to the 10 years between albums? If so, that seems awful meta for Tool.

I’m a huge fan of Tool myself and will be disappointed if it’s not true. I just wanted to share what could possibly be huge news in the music world.

Along with the claims, he revealed the track listing showing a double album release with each track listed with more than 12 min in length.

Disc 1:
1. Abscissa (13:47)
2. The Awakening (12:03)
3. Gematria (Act I) (14:33)
4. Regresolution (13:56)
5. Divinotus (12:45)
6. Astral (Act II) (12:21)

Disc 2:
7. Descending (13:53)
8. Decem (12:22)
9. Lesous (Act III) (12:43)
10. Principles of March (12:01)
11. Pascal’s Wager (13:46)
12. Zeta (Act IV) (14:27)

The original post has been removed but the thread still shows some of the comments of disbelief from the community about the news. As another redditor pointed out, “Tool is NOTORIOUS for intentionally leaking false info about release dates and album titles.” which means this could be the same type of hype it’s been made throughout the past decade. We’re going to go ahead and assume it’s nothing more than just the rumor it appears to be and, if it happens to be true, we’ll definitely take that back and give props to Mr. 77ohio. It should also be noted that the band have been playing at least part of “Descending” in recent shows, enough for the band to have commissioned some new visuals for the song.