Coming up on nine years since Tool released 10,000 Days, fans are taking every single opportunity to look for positives that a follow-up will be coming soon. With their fifth full-length album on “albums we’re looking forward to in 20xx” list since 2010 or so, it’s starting to seem like they’ll never put another record out. We got a bit of an explanation as to why last year, but an unlikely source confirmed that the band are in the studio – Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee.

In a post from Dee, shared on Jones’ Facebook page, the drummer says that both Motorhead and Tool are working on music in the same studio. He then walks down the hall into a lounge where Jones is sitting on a couch playing guitar. When asked what he’s up to, Jones says “working on some tunes, having some fun.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re recording anything, but it’s an encouraging sign that things are moving forward. Dee even suggests that the two bands tour together, which wouldn’t necessarily make sonic sense, but would be a tour that most people would pay to see.

update: Then again, they might not be anywhere, according to Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. He responded to a tweet from Theprp, who reported on it, with the hashtag “#gullible.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that much, given that the band and/or Jones being in the studio doesn’t mean they’re recording an album. But Dee has footage of him, so something’s got to be going on.