Want to know information about the forthcoming Tool album? Just ask the band. Or maybe just crowd-source the internet from people that have. Tool proper haven’t been very forthcoming on what will be their first album since 2006, saying stuff, then retracting it. But at Monday’s meet and greet, Adam Jones apparently gave a little bit of a status update to the 150 or so VIP fans assembled. One spoke about it on Reddit.

I learned a lot of insight about the band from the Q&A with Adam. There was 150 of us in a room with him and it felt very personable. He played for us, talked about he and Justin play off each other to create a 5/7 rhythm. Played a riff that’ll be on the new album. Said they had enough music for two albums but only 5 meet their (tools) standard right now. Adam, Justin and Danny are in the studio 1PM-4PMish I think he said Tuesday-Thursday. Once 90% of the instrumentals are there Maynard comes into write (that’s how Maynard likes to work).

That’s still one solid album, if you’re on board with the rumor that no song they’ve recorded so far is shorter than 12 minutes. It’s also the most progress we’ve gotten on the album in a while, even if it’s not straight from a band member. It should obviously be taken with a grain of salt, and could be completely debunked by the band tomorrow. At least they’re playing a few shows here and there.

[via Consequence of Sound]