Following the sexual misconduct allegations against former Homewrecker vocalist Matt Barnum, the group were dropped by their label, Good Fight Music. Since then, additional accusations have reached the surface on other members as the new Instagram account, survivingmattbarnum, reveals there have been sexual misconduct allegations against drummer Matt Izzi. While Izzi has commented on Barnum, he hasn’t followed up on responding to the accusations against him just yet. However, Homewrecker members, along with projects Izzi was part of, have taken action of their own.

Scorched have announced they fired Izzi with the following statement:

“Official statement regarding Matt Izzi: Until early this morning, not one member of this band has ever even had the slightest idea of the predatory acts of drummer Matt Izzi. We have a zero tolerance stance towards this type of behavior. Immediately effective, Matt Izzi is no longer a part of Scorched.”



Another group Izzi was affiliated with, Crypt Rot, released the following statement:

“Even though we have not been active, we want to come out and say we will not and never have condoned the actions of members of homewrecker. If we ever continue, Matt Izzi will no longer be affiliated. We feel for all the victims of these actions.

Joe DeDomenic, Ryan Sposito, Allie Dioneff” 



Guitarist Paul Alosio and bassist Dalton Edwards have decided to quit Homewrecker, leaving Matt Izzi the sole member.

Alosio shared the following on Facebook:

“I need to speak.

I am crushed beyond belief. Absolutely devastated that one of my band mates and someone I considered to be a best friend lived this secret life that hurt so many people. I am sorry that I have not said something sooner, I wanted to hear everyone’s stories as they came forward.

I truly believe Matt Barnum is sick and for being so close to him I feel an immense amount of guilt. For being too naive to see what was right underneath my nose. In the past I can remember one specific instance in which he had made someone I knew uncomfortable, and when I told him to make things right he apologized to that person. I’m obviously not going to add this girl’s name out of respect. I had thought that was the extent as to how far anything like this could go. I was very, very wrong about that. His issues go way deeper.

I trusted him and I believed his lies. I am disgusted, furious, sick to my stomach, and so remorseful that I was so blind to it. I just wish I had known.

I am so sorry if by being in Homewrecker I in any way helped to enable this behavior. I put everything I had into it, I was passionate about the music and what we could accomplish as friends.

Homewrecker was one of my favorite bands before I joined. I looked up to these guys and I never in a million years would have thought that this would be the outcome. Anyone who knows me, who really knows me, knows that I would never stand for this. I feel like I was manipulated into trusting him and being there for him as a friend. But my feelings aren’t worth half as much as the women speaking up now, they have been betrayed, manipulated, and we need to listen to their stories.

I will listen to what you have to say and I will believe you, I will support you and I hope you are able to heal. If there is anything i can do to help, i will do it without question.”


He clarified:

“It goes without saying beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am no longer a part of Homewrecker. I alpologize if that was not clear with my statement yesterday.

I don’t know what the future holds for me, I don’t know if I ever even want to play in a band again, and I feel so sick about everything, but for right now the thing everyone needs to know is that I cannot stay in that situation for a moment longer.”




Edwards announced his departure from the group via Instagram:



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